HohmTech HohmLife 4 18650 Battery

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HohmTech HohmLife 4 18650 Battery

"Continuous pursuit of perfection. The QSP (Quad-stripping Process) chemistry unlocks new levels of capabilities, achieving unprecedented >3000mAh, with 22A and an Ohm's Law 63W output. 
Pushing the boundaries of power without compromise."

Features and Specifications:

  • Anti-counterfeit "Ohm" embossed top
  • Wattage output up 5% to 63W per cell
  • Capaciety up 7.4% when >15A used
  • Amperage up 6.8% to 22.1A CDR
  • Greater resistance to voltage sag (vs. V1 cells)
  • Ohm's Law calculated with real world devices

We pre-charge our batteries for you so you don't have to wait to use them!


Warning: Never short out the positive and negative terminals - never store a loose battery in your pocket or purse without protecting the ends from short circuits

Use only high quality battery chargers

Charge only with battery chargers that are made for Li-Ion batteries

Never leave charging batteries unattended

Never completely discharge Li-Ion batteries to below 2. 5V

Do not expose to heat

Never charge a Li-Ion battery over 4. 25V

Store at approximately 3. 6V - 3. 7V

Due to safer battery chemistry in IMR type batteries (than ICR), they are unprotected.

Discharging to below 2. 5v can shorten the life of the battery or render it useless.