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GENUINE LG 18650HG2 3000mAh High Discharge Flat top battery

GENUINE LG 18650HG2 3000mAh High Discharge Flat top battery

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GENUINE  LG 18650HG2 3000mAh High Discharge Flat top battery

****Genuine LG HG2 "Brown" batteries have been unavailable to ANYONE for nearly 4 years now. If you do see someone selling them, there's an extremely strong likelihood that they're counterfeit, and therefore rated well beyond their actual capacity! BUYER BEWARE!****

At Haze Vape Co., battery safety is #1. We GUARANTEE our batteries as authentic for the sake of safety. Should you find physical proof that a battery you purchased in our store isn't authentic, we will gladly refund your money.  

The LG HG2  battery trades off current output for capacity, making it safest for use ONLY in protected devices, i.e. Regulated  mods. It has the highest capacity for a USEABLE (for vaping) 18650 battery of 3000mAh, and is safely capable of a pulsed output (manufacturer rated) of 20 Amps. Mooch rated for 20A as well.



We pre-charge our batteries for you so you don't have to wait to use them!


Warning: Never short out the positive and negative terminals - never store a loose battery in your pocket or purse without protecting the ends from short circuits

Use only high quality battery chargers

Charge only with battery chargers that are made for Li-Ion batteries

Never leave charging batteries unattended

Never completely discharge Li-Ion batteries to below 2. 5V

Do not expose to heat

Never charge a Li-Ion battery over 4. 25V

Store at approximately 3. 6V - 3. 7V

Due to safer battery chemistry in IMR type batteries (than ICR), they are unprotected.

Discharging to below 2. 5v can shorten the life of the battery or render it useless.

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