Tobeco Orchid V2 Clone

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Tobeco Orchid V2 Clone
A sort of cross between a Kayfun Nano and a Fogger. Large build deck and chimney with 4 paths for juice flow.

This RTA takes a little work, but is completely worth it once you get the wicking right.
- Build a 28ga set of dual coils for around .8 Ohms (2.5mm, about 8 or 9 wraps)
- Unlike the Aqua, the Orchid doesn't like to have wick/cotton stuffed into the channels. The wider airflow doesn't encourage juice to flow into those channels quite like the Aqua does.
- Trim your wicks just a HAIR long enough so they can cover the juice channels, and even dip into them ever so slightly.
- Install the chimney, tank and top cap
- BOTTOM fill! Top filling is doable, but re-capping pressurizes the tank and forces juice into the chimney/deck, causing leaking. You can turn the Orchid upside down once a few
top cap threads are in, but you'll find that bottom filling is much easier, cleaner, and allows you to really fill the tank to capacity.
- As always, don't forget to double and triple check resistance to avoid short circuits!
- Install on your mod of choice (Approx. 35-40w is recommended on regulated mods), and make some of the tastiest clouds you've ever experienced.

We order matching clones from several different manufacturers and compare build quality, materials and use before deciding which one is a product we'll stand behind.

Features and specifications:

  • New Phillips Screw heads replace the V1's hex heads
  • Cross-drilled posts
  • 4.0ml tank
  • 22mm diameter
  • 45mm height (no drip tip)
  • Large chimney
  • Stainless steel and polycarbonate tank
  • Designed for leak-free, dual coil builds
  • Now bottom-filling (not as pictured)

1x Orchid RTA Atomizer
1x Spare O rings
1x Magic Blue Screwdriver
1x Bag of O-Rings, Screws
Wick and wire for your noob friend