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About Us

About us

We care about our customers, we care about our products. While we could easily sell you any old products just like the other guys - the "coolest", latest gadget - even if it sucks - but then the only person who loses is the customer. We don't want that. We want our customers to leave our store with a product that suits their needs, a purchase that they'll be happy with and will last. Our focus is on quality of products. No one wins if you have to return a faulty product. It does of course still happen, but the less it does, the better for everyone. We offer a 30 day return policy - IN STORE for those times something does fail. Not the manufacturer, us. If something you bought from us fails and we can't fix it easily, we'll replace it, refund it, credit it towards a different purchase - because that's how we'd like to be treated.

Our eJuice lines are CANADIAN. We support Canadian manufacturers, and just like beer, we think we make better juice here in Canada anyway :). If we ever do find a foreign juice that meets our standards, we might consider keeping it on our shelves - but so far...they're still all Canadian.


  • Haze Vape Co. is a Vape Shop/Electronic Cigarette specialized retailer in Calgary, Alberta, open 7 days a week. 
  • We're located at #19 - 13750 Bow Bottom Trail SE (by the McDonald's, 2 doors down from the Winkin' Owl Pub)!
  • We initially opened as an online store in May of 2014, but when customers saw our prices, they started finding us locally (though according to some Google and Facebook reviews, some couldn't). Since we didn't have a brick and mortar we opened up a "pickup counter" at an existing business in the back of a warehouse! It might very well have been the nicest pickup counter ever...and definitely became the most entertaining one. With one little Keurig coffee maker and a few stools, a lot of late nights and fun were had.
  • Why are we here?
    • We want every customer to enjoy their visit. Whether it's a quick first time "in and out" to purchase and get educated on your first starter kit or it's a social visit to chat and enjoy a choice Latte, we want you to have an experience you won't get anywhere else.
    • We're picky about our products. We typically bring in a small sample of a new product and test it personally before loading it onto our shelves, avoiding the risk of dumping junk products on our customers. No one benefits when you have to return a defective product days later.
    • We're vapers. Former smokers who've enjoyed the benefits of making the switch away from tobacco - we've been there, and we know how hard quitting smoking can be. Our goal is to provide you with the right product and the right flavour with the right strength of nicotine to help you reach your goal and make it as trouble-free as possible. You shouldn't have to invest in hundreds of dollars of products, repeatedly upgrading just to reach the point you should have started at to begin with. With the right questions, we can help you be as successful as possible.
    • We support the community and our right to vape to quit smoking. We are members of the CVA (Canadian Vaping Association), an organization geared towards education and ending tobacco use through a much safer alternative.