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Our Warranty

We care about our customers, we care about our products. While we could happily sell you any old products, the coolest, latest gadget - even if it sucks - but then the only person who loses is the customer. We don't want that. We want our customers to leave our store with a product that suits their needs, a purchase that they'll be happy with and will last. Our focus is on quality of products. No one wins if you have to return a faulty product. It does of course still happen, but the less it does, the better for everyone. We offer a 30 day return policy - IN STORE for those times something does fail. Not the manufacturer, us. If something you bought from us fails and we can't fix it easily, we'll replace it, refund it, credit it towards a different purchase - because that's how we'd like to be treated.


"Legal-type stuff:"

Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, 30 day replacement or exchange warranty (refunds at our discretion) for defective or DOA hardware only. Must come in original packaging with the original proof of purchase, in "like new" condition and show no signs of abuse. Misused or mishandled hardware will be subject to the discretion of Haze Vape Co. There is no warranty on batteries (risk of misuse or abuse, i.e. overdischarging or overcurrent - all our batteries are charged and tested before sale), e­Juice or drip tips (due to hygenic reasons). These items are considered a Final Sale. Online orders: While the customer is responsible for return shipping, we will gladly pay for shipping a replacement back to you.